Thursday, February 12, 2015

Nayati Mobile Medical Unit Initiative

INDIA - Each year, hundreds of thousands of religious pilgrims visit the shrine at Badrinath, India, a Hindu holy town close to the Indo-China (Tibetan) border. The Nayati Charitable Trust has used this influx of people as a base point for their Mobile Medical Unit Initiative in that region. A team of 30 medical professionals provide health and medical care using 6 fully equipped mobile medical units. The program was started in May, 2012. In the first month of operation the medical team saw over 20,000 patients. Healthcare and Medical Services are one of Nayati's four 'pillars of stability' along with Shelter and Sanitation, Nutrition and Hygiene, and Education and Personal Development.

VIDEO: Nayati Charitable Trust - Mobile Medical Units - Badrinath

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